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General objective:

Creating a core of high scientific level competent researchers in metallopolymers field, both in terms of human resource and infrastructure. To achieve this objective, a high-level international expert well-known in the field of coordinative chemistry and physical research methods will transfer his competencies to a host group of researchers with concerns and remarkable results in the field of polymers, namely silicone polymers. This group is part of one of the top research institutes in Romania, well known internationally.


Specific objectives:

1. Implementing within the project team the knowledge regarding metallopolymers (principles and methods of preparation, spectral and structural characterization);
2. Developing the necessary infrastructure for the field which will be approached;
3. Developing new metal polymers using silicones as a polymeric support;
4. Identifying the potential applications for the prepared material;
5. Contribution to the formation of human resources in the research area of this project ;
6. Increasing the knowledge in a niche interdisciplinary field;
7. Increasing group visibility by publishing papers in journals with high scientific impact.